January 18, 2010

The reorginzation/regular monthly meeting of the Jackson Township Planning Commission was called to order by Chairman Bruce Baker at 6:30 pm.

Roll call:   Bruce Baker, Al Gailey, Don Knopsnyder, Paul Wyrwas, Laird Rager.

Motion to appoint Al Gailey as Chairman for 2010:  Motion: Don Knopsnyder, Second by: Paul Wyrwas.  All in favor.
Motion to appoint Paul Wyrwas as Vice Chairman for 2010:  Motion: Al Gailey, Seconded by: Don Knopsnyder.  All in favor.
Motion to appoint Don Knopsnyder as Secretary for 2010:  Motion: Paul Wyrwas, Second by: Al Gailey.  All in favor.

Public Comment:

Minutes of the December 21, 2009 Regular Meeting of the Planning Commission where distributed to members.  Motion to approve by Bruce Baker, Second, Paul Wyrwas.  Five Yes.  Motion passed.

Letter from the Jackson Twp. Supervisors re-appointing Paul Wyrwas to a four year term on the Planning Commission beginning Jan. 1, 2010 and ending December 31, 2013.

New Business:
Review the site plan of Central Cambria School Districtís addition to Jackson Twp. Elementary Building.  Motion to Approve: Don Knopsnyder, Second: Bruce Baker. Five Yes.  Motion is approved.

Solicitor will send a letter to Robert McKool (operator) of Leisure Village on behalf of the Jackson Twp. Planning Commission.  Leisure Village has/is operating without the necessary Operating Permit. (2009, no new application for 2010).

Review the application of Fordís Trailer Park for 2010 Operating Permit.  Motion to Approve:  Bruce Baker, Second: Don Knopsnyder.  All in favor.  Motion is approved.

Review the application of Jalko Mobile Home Park for 2010 Operating Permit.  Motion to Approve: Bruce Baker, Second: Don Knopsnyder.  All in favor.  Motion is approved.

Old Business:
Review revised Site Plan for Petroleum Development Corporation (Ellenberger Site).  Note: Plan was rejected at the December 21, 2009 meeting as incomplete since it lacked information concerning street names, incorrectly identified adjacent properties and owners, and the well site was not correctly located.  As of January 18, 2010 the Jackson Twp. Planning Commission has not recíd an updated/corrected site plan for this property. 

Motion to adjourn at 7:15 pm by Don Knopsnyder, Second by Bruce Baker.  Five yes, Meeting adjourned.  .

Respectively Submitted,
Don Knopsnyder - Secretary