February 15, 2010

The regular monthly meeting of the Jackson Township Planning Commission was called to order by Chairman Al Gailey at 6:30 pm.

Roll call:  
Al Gailey, Don Knopsnyder, Paul Wyrwas, Laird Rager, William G. Barbin-Solicitor

Pledge of Allegiance

Public Comment:  
Chairman Al Gailey opened the meeting to Public Comment on the Proposed Ordinance Regulating Gas Well Drilling in the township.  The following residents spoke about the proposed ordinance:

Robert Piper, 156 Stoneridge Street, Mineral Point, PA 15942 distributed information for the board’s consideration including publications by Penn State.  He also referenced a Supreme Court decision regarding gas wells and expressed opposition to any drilling in R-1 or R-2 districts.

Michael Ocilka, Dishong Mt. Road, expressed opposition to drilling gas wells and compressor stations.  He also expressed concerns over water quality issues and the negative impact that drilling has on water resources.

George Wallet, 402 Mile Hill Road, Johnstown, PA.  expressed opposition to any drilling in either R-1 or R-2 districts.

Barry Rouzer, 540 Kissell Lane, Johnstown, PA, expressed total opposition to any gas well drilling in R-1 or R-2 districts.

Geo. Burkey, 2909 Wm. Penn Hwy., Johnstown, PA, opposed drilling in either R-1 or R-2 districts.

Clair Michaels, 314 Wagner Road, Vintondale, PA spoke in favor of drilling but recommended the ordinance address all gas bearing formations.  Also mentioned that the commonwealth regulates distances from any buildings.

Steve Yurasec, 199 Polaris Drive, Johnstown, PA, favors drilling and spoke in terms of additional revenues for the township.

Letter from the Cambria County Planning Commission commenting on the proposed ordinance.

New Business:
Motion to table action on Proposed Gas Well Drilling Ordinance. 

Motion by Laird Rager; Second by Al Gailey.  4 yes.  Motion Passed.

Annual Report from Planning Commission to the Board of Supervisors.  Paul Wyrwas presented the completed report to the Commission.  Motion by: Don Knopsnyder;  Second by: Laird Rager.    4 yes, Motion passed, report forwarded to the Supervisors.

Old Business:
Review the site plan of Petroleum Development Corporation for gas well drilling on Liedy Lane (Ellenburger site):  Documentation rec’d included a fax cover sheet and an emailed 8.5 x 11 site map which was deemed to be insufficient. 

Motion to table consideration of the site plan until proper documentation is received.  

Motion by: Paul Wyrwas; Second by Don Knopsnyder.  4 Yes votes.  Motion tabled pending receipt of necessary documentation from PDC/property owner.

Review revised Site Plan for Petroleum Development Corporation (Ellenberger Site).  Note: Plan was rejected at the December 21, 2009 meeting as incomplete since it lacked information concerning street names, incorrectly identified adjacent properties and owners, and the well site was not correctly located.  As of January 18, 2010 the Jackson Twp. Planning Commission has not rec’d an updated/corrected site plan for this property. Februray 15, 2010 meeting,  again the information available to the board was insufficient.

**No Map and PDC is not ready for site plan review.  Per colicitor(s) request, Ellenberger Site Plan is removed from agenda without prejudice.  (Stacey M. Noble, Esq.).   

Motion to Adjourn at 7:04 pm.   Motion by Don Knopsnyder; Second by Paul Wyrwas.  4 yes, meeting adjourned. 

Respectively Submitted,
Don Knopsnyder - Secretary