Regular Meeting
February 20, 2012

The regular monthly meeting of the Jackson Township Planning Commission was called to order by Chairman Bruce Baker at 6:30 PM.  Present were Paul Wyrwas, Don Knopsynder    Bruce Baker, Laird Rager and Al Gailey

Public Comment:
Chris Kabo is looking to build a house located next to Ken Findley at 370 Brazil Lane.  Ken has a trailer that is located on his eastern side property line and is also located on the adjacent property where Chris is looking to build a house.  In order to for Chris to build, he would need to address trailer issue (e.g. move the old trailer) or change the property line but Chris would need to also take into consideration of the 15 feet offset required in the township  ordinance for residential zone area.  He may go through the zoning board for a variance but it would be very unlikely that the board would grant a 15 feet variance.

Motion by Paul, seconded by Al to approve the minutes of the January 16, 2012 meeting and the annual 2012 report.  All in favor minutes approved.


New Business:
Reviewed the proposed Brian Rager Subdivision Motion by Al, seconded by Don to reject.  All in favor except Laird who abstained, subdivision rejected based on the following issues:

 1.  Lot 1 Ė Change the lot lines to create side lot addition and current plan does not show addition.  The description for new deed canít be written based on the existing deed.

 2.  Residual lot should be labeled Lot 1 in order to show 3 lot subdivisions.

 3.  If lot owned by Fisher was separated after 1972, it should be numbered as a subdivision lot.

 4.  Exterior boundaries should show bearing and distances and offsets.

 5.  Lot 1 and Lot 2 should be tied to an exterior property corner.  Currently, the attorney cannot create a deed and description to show the lots on the property.

Old Business:

Motion to adjourn at 6:42 PM by Don, seconded by Al.  All in favor, meeting adjourned.

Respectively Submitted,
Paul Wyrwas - Secretary