April 16, 2007

The Jackson Township Planning Commission meeting was called to order by Chairman Don Knopsnyder on April 16, 2007 at 6:30 p.m. All members except Al Gailey were present. Township Solicitor Bill Barbin was also present. 

Don Knopsnyder announced that the first item on the agenda was a public meeting to discuss the proposed amendments to the Jackson Township Zoning Ordinance #118. He then turned the meeting over to Solicitor Bill Barbin. Mr. Barbin stated that the meeting had been properly advertised and stated that there are several changes to the zoning ordinance included in the amendment (copy attached).

Public Comments
Steve Yurasek - Comments on sign regarding billboards.
Ed Nichalke - Comments on state regulations on campgrounds.

Bruce Baker made a motion to approve the minutes of the March 19 and March 26, 2007 meetings. The motion was seconded by Laird Rager. All in favor. Motion passed.

Land Use and Transportation Study
Letter from Cambria County Planning Commission re. Zoning Amendments
CDBG monies for 2007

New Business
Bruce Baker made a motion to recommend approval of the proposed amendments to Zoning Ordinance #118 as reviewed by the Board of Supervisors. Paul Wrywas seconded the motion. All in favor. Motion passed.

Old Business
The subdivision of Edward and Bonnie Nischalke was reviewed. Laird Rager asked who would be responsible for checking to see if the Nischalkes were following the regulations. Bruce Baker stated that Harry Baker would be the one responsible. Bill Barbin stated that technically Harry would be responsible but we donít go out and search. If a questions comes up Harry would be responsible for checking. If it were sewage questions, the sewage enforcement officer would be sent out to check like not having it dumped or that kind of thing. Bruce stated that it is not our intentions to make this an annual inspection because it is something we donít typically do with any of the other ordinances that we have. Bill Barbin stated that we respond to complaints. Bruce Baker made a motion to recommend approval of the subdivision with the attached list of conditions dated March 15, 2007. Paul Wyrwas seconded the motion. Baker, Knopsnyder and Wyrwas voted yes. Laird Rager voted no. Motion passed.

Subdivision Ordinance Update: Final changes have been made and copies have been sent out. Paul Wrywas made a motion to recommend the proposed subdivision ordinance as drafted by the Planning Commission to the Board of Supervisors for adoption. Laird Rager seconded the motion. All in favor. Motion passed.

Zoning Ordinance: All the changes previously discussed were in the zoning ordinance amendment except for outdoor furnaces. The next thing the Planning Commission expects to complete is revision of the zoning map.

Central Cambria Coalition: Bruce Baker gave updates on the Comprehensive Plan and the grant for received for $42,500 from DCED. Next month the coalition will be proceeding on the joint planning commission. The final draft of the recreation map is completed. A letter was received from Murtha and no money is available for the Route 22 sewage study. Nothing new on police and zoning.

Bruce Baker made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 7:00 p.m. Paul Wyrwas seconded the motion. All in favor. Motion passed.

Respectively Submitted,
Bruce Baker - Secretary