June 2, 2010

The Jackson Township Planning Commission Special Meeting was called to order at 6:00 PM by Chairman Al Gailey.

Pledge of Allegiance

Roll Call:  
Al Gailey,  Bruce Baker, Paul Wyrwas, Laird Rager, Don Knopsnyder.  All Present.

New Business:
Mr. Ed Carder, EHS Field Coordinator, for PDC Mountaineer of Bridgeport, WV presented site plan for the Ellenberger property located on Liedy Lane.  Plan for a veritcal gas well was reviewed by the board, location of compressor station has not been determined at this time. Motion by:  Bruce Baker.  Second by: Laird Rager to approve the plan as submitted. Bruce Baker, yes.  Paul Wyrwas, Yes.  Al Gailey, Yes.  Laird Rager, Yes.  Don Knopsnyder, Yes.  Motion Passed.

Motion to adjourn at: 6:09 pm.  Motion by, Bruce Baker. Second by Laird Rager.  Vote-5 Yes. Motion passed.                                                         

Respectively Submitted,
Don Knopsnyder - Secretary