June 16, 2008

The Jackson Township Planning Commission meeting was called to order by Chairman Paul Wyrus at 6:30 PM on June 16, 2008.  All members were present

Public Comments

Don Knoppsnyder made a motion to approve the minutes of the May 19, 2008 meeting.  The motion was seconded by Al Gailey.  All in favor, motion passed.

The Sewage Planning Module for the extension of sanitary the sewerline from Lorraine to Fordís Corner Road by the Nanty Glo Sewer Authority was received by the Township for review and comment.

New Business
There was no new business.

Old Business
The Sara Jane Leckey Subdivision was reviewed.  Action on this subdivision was tabled at the May 19, 2008, meeting due to problems with the subdivision plan as it was submitted.  The resubmitted plan was reviewed and all problems corrected.  Bruce Baker made a motion to approve the plan.  Don Knoppsnyder seconded the motion.  All in favor.  Motion passed.  The Sara Jane Leckey Subdivision was approved.

Don Knoppsnyder stated that the Joint Comprehensive Plan with Cambria Township and Ebensburg Borough has a target date for completion of October, 2008.

Don Knoppsnyder made a motion to adjourn at 6:35 PM.  Motion seconded by Laird Rager. All in favor.  Motion passed

Respectively Submitted,
Al Gailey - Secretary