Regular Meeting
June 20, 2011

The regular monthly meeting of the Jackson Township Planning Commission was called to order by Chairman Paul Wyrwas at 6:30 PM.  Present were Paul Wyrwas, Bruce Baker, Al Gailey, Don Knopsnyder and Laird Rager.

Public Comments:

Motion by Don, seconded by Laird to approve the minutes of the of the regular meeting on May 16, 2011 and the public meeting on May 31, 2011, minutes.  All in favor, motion passed.


New Business:
Walter Hessler Subdivision and Side Lot Addition located on Lorraine Road was reviewed.  There were no comments. Motion by Al, seconded by Bruce to approve the Walter Hessler Plan.  All in favor, plan approved.

Doug Teusing of Estep Realty attended the meeting.  His company represents Denise Emmel who owns approximately 25 acres at the north end of Griffith Avenue.  Ms. Emmel wants to sell the property and Mr. Teusing had several questions regarding subdivision requirements, specifically the difference between a major and minor subdivision and the requirements of each.  He will discuss the pros and cons of each with the owner and submit a plan at a later date.

Old Business:
Action on the Nicholas Barber Subdivision on Finntown Road was tabled at the May 16, 2011, meeting because the Sewage Planning Module had not been received from the Sewage enforcement Officer.  The module was received and the Barber.  Subdivision was reviewed.  Motion by Bruce, seconded by Don to approve the Nicholas Barber Plan.  All in favor, plan approved.  Al abstained

Motion to adjourn at 6:50 PM by Al, seconded by Bruce.  All in favor, meeting adjourned.

Respectively Submitted,
Al Gailey - Secretary