JUNE 21. 2004

The Jackson Township Planning Commission meeting was called to order by Chairman Bruce Baker at 6:30 p.m. Roll call was taken. All members present.


Motion Knopsnyder- 2nd Nagel to approve the minutes of the May 17, 2004 meeting. Vote 5 yes. Motion carried.


The Township survey was discussed. The Sewer and Water Authority did not have their questions ready yet.

Motion to add the Dave Kaschalk Site plan to the agenda.

Motion Nagel - 2nd Baker. Vote 5 yes motion carried.

The site plan was reviewed.

Robert Stephens commented on the setback reduction saying that Mr. Kaschalk has to meet the set back requirements where commercial meets residential. It was explained to Mr. Stephens that Mr. Kaschalk abuts the commercial property of Harper coal. Mr. Stephens said that Harper was not commercial and that Mr. Kaschalk would have meet the 25' setback.

Motion Rager - 2nd Gailey to recommend approval of the site plan of Dave Kaschalk conditional to approval of a dimension setback reduction from the zoning Hearing Board. Vote 5 yes motion carried.

NEW BUSINESS Motion to add the subdivision of Kevin Leib to the agenda.

Motion Rager - 2nd Knopsnyder. Vote 5 yes motion carried.

The subdivision of Kevin Leib was reviewed. Motion Knopsnyder - 2nd. Nagel to recommend approval conditional to the following: The right of way width of 40' and private road be added to the plans and address sewage for lot # 4. Vote 5 yes motion carried.

Motion Knopsnyder - 2nd Nagel to send letter to Supervisors seeking approval to up date the subdivision plan. Vote 5 yes motion carried.

Motion Knopsnyder - 2nd Nagel to adjourn at 7:03 p.m. vote 5 yes motion carried.

Respectively Submitted,
Deb Nagel - Secretary