December 17, 2007

The Jackson Township Planning Commission meeting was called to order by Vice-Chairman Paul Wyrwas at 6:32 p.m. Recording secretary Connie Fetzer and Commission member Don Knopsnyder was absent.

Public comment:  None

Laird Rager moved to approve the minutes of the November 14th and November 19th 2007 meetings. Bruce Baker 2nd  the motion. All were in favor.

Secretary Bruce Baker read correspondences regarding the commissions recommendation to re-appoint Laird Rager and Al Gailey and the advertising of the re-organization meeting. A copy of the Counties WI FI presentation was reviewed and the Coalitions draft multi Comprehensive Plan was offered for review.

New Business: 
Don Krens was in to ask about the procedure for a site plan review. He is preparing to have a Car Wash and Pet Wash erected at the DVO plaza. The Commission explained the procedure and he left a rough sketch of his plan. He will have a surveyor draw to scale a site plan for review.

The subdivision/side lot addition of Sara Jane Leckey was approved on a motion made by Al Gailey and 2nd  by Laird Rager. All were in favor.

A review of the proposed subdivision of Bruce and Tammy Baker was approve. A motion was made by Paul Wyrwas and 2nd by Laird Rager. A vote was taken with 4 members present. Commission member Bruce Baker Abstained,  Rager and Wyrwas voted yes. Al Gailey stating his conflict of interest being the surveyor, voted yes to have a majority vote. All in favor motion carried.

Old Business: 
The subdivision of Earl Link and Michael Kaschalk was again tabled because they have not returned the plans with the recommended changes from the October 17th 2007 meeting. Motion Al Gailey 2nd Lair Rager all in favor.

A motion to adjourn at 6:52 was made by Laird Rager and 2nd by Al Gailey, all in favor motion carried.

Respectively Submitted,
Bruce Baker - Secretary