Jackson Township
Cambria County, Pennsylvania

Stormwater Management Resources

After the Storm [PDF Format]
This brochure provides a broad overview of storm water pollution, including runoff fro m residential and commercial properties, farms, construction sites, automotive facilities, forestry operations, and others.

Make Your Home the Solution to Stormwater Pollution [PDF Format]
This short brochure provides tips on a wide variety of simple things that homeowner's can do to prevent storm water pollution.

10 Things That You Can Do to Prevent Stormwater Runoff Pollution" [PDF Format]
This handy bookmark lists 10 simple things anyone can do to prevent storm water pollution.

Water Efficient Landscaping [PDF Format] -
This booklet describes the benefits of water-efficient, low-impact landscaping. It includes examples of successful projects, programs, and contacts

Stormwater Pollution Found in Your Area! [PDF Format] -
This doorhanger provides a friendly reminder to keep trash, chemicals, and other pollutants out of storm drains. For use by local officials.

Information For Kids

Kid's Stormwater Stickers [PDF Format] -
Collect and trade stickers! There are two pages with 12 colorful stickers that will help kids learn about some key water pollution issues.

Take the Stormwater Challenge [PDF Format] -
This placemat provides a fun learning opportunity for middle school children and can be used to generate classroom discussion or further exploration of water pollution issues.

U.S Geological Survey Kid's information on the effects of urbanization on water quality

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